silhouettes of students watching horse show
A visit to the horse park can complement any of the lessons.

High School Modules

Leaving a Lasting Legacy: Unveiling the Traditions, Skills and Knowledge Passed Down Through Generations of Horsemen and Women

Created by Logan Layne

In this module, we will discover the legacies left by past equine horsemen and women. We will also learn the importance of skills and knowledge that have been carried on by recent horsemen and women.

The Historical Impact of Racism on the American Horse Industry

Created by Lorrie Fraley

This module explores and proves the damage of slavery and racism on American society, politics and economic freedom through Inquiry Based Learning, Historical Thinking Analysis, and Project Based Learning.

Preserving History: Document Analysis & Creating A Historical Archive

Created by Jaronda McPherson

Understanding the importance of historical documents, students will analyze the personal narratives of African Americans in the horse industry. Then the students will create a new historical archive by interviewing someone they feel has made a significant impact in society including, but not limited to, a relative or a community member.

Race of Reins

Created by Bettymarie McClanahan

This multi-curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular educational module  provides an in-depth unit of study or a range of stand-alone lessons that revere the African American jockeys who shouldered, championed, reigned and ruled the Kentucky Derby. It also provides extensions that encourage African American youth to rightfully reacquire and rule the reins once more.


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