boys read other visitors' notes in museum exhibit
The Black Horsemen of the Kentucky Turf exhibit provides space for considering the impacts of racism.

Middle School Modules

The Unsung Heroes of the Kentucky Derby

Created by Carla Criswell

In this module, students will explore and research the impact African Americans had on the Kentucky horse industry. Most importantly, students will focus on the Kentucky Derby by examining information through The Chronicle of African Americans in the Horse Industry. Also, using credible sources, students will present information on the impact the “unsung heroes” had on making the derby an American phenomenon.


Voices of the Horse Industry: What can Anthony Hamilton Teach Us?

Created by Annabeth Edens

Born in South Carolina only a year after the US Civil War had ended, Anthony “Tony” Hamilton’s career as a jockey was impressive in more ways than one. While we celebrate his success on the track, it is equally important to understand the political, social, and racial tensions of the time. Anthony Hamilton can teach us a lot about horse racing and life for those who worked in or around the industry.


People and Places: Slavery, Segregations, and Freedom in the Horse Industry

Created by Andrew Johnson

This lesson uses a digital map to allow students to examine various individuals in the horse industry. Students will evaluate the sources, and compile evidence to answer the question, “How did the role of African Americans in the horse industry expand on freedom?” Students are formatively assessed on their claims, as well by a synthesis response comparing the student’s claim to the stories provided in one of two Chronicle Themes.



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