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Garrett Davis Lewis

Hutchison Station, Bourbon County, Kentucky

Emily Libecap, Graduate Student Intern

Childhood and Family

Garrett Davis Lewis was born in 1862 in Fayette County, Kentucky, to Henry and Mary Lewis. He was one of eight children. His siblings were Mary, Martha, Isaac (who was also a jockey), Sallie, Oscar, Lutita, and Martin.1

Garrett Davis Lewis is often misidentified as George Garrett Lewis. A few sources mistake him for or connect him to Oliver Lewis or Isaac Lewis on account of their last names.2

Jockey Career

Lewis began riding at sixteen years old for Byron McClelland, a prominent owner and trainer from Lexington. He was a frequent rider for McClelland over his short career. He also rode for J. S. Shawhan from Cynthiana, Kentucky. In 1880, Lewis rode the horse Fonso for Shawhan in the Phoenix Stakes and took first place. Fonso was a strong horse with a famous bloodline, and the jockey-horse pair worked well together.3

The 1880 Kentucky Derby

Lewis is best known for winning the 1880 Kentucky Derby riding Fonso. The race was quite dramatic, as all five horses in the field led the pack at some point throughout the race. Also riding in the race was Isaac Murphy, another famous African American jockey. Lewis rode Fonso hard but did not touch him with the whip until the very last eighth of a mile. He lightly prodded him to win by an entire length.4

Fatal Injuries and Legacy

A few weeks after his win at the Derby, Lewis was thrown from his horse in a race in St. Louis, Missouri. Though badly injured, he made enough of a recovery to ride a few more races in Chicago, Illinois. When Lewis returned to Kentucky, he succumbed to his injuries.

He passed away at home in Hutchison Station, Kentucky, at just eighteen years old.5  His obituary described his death as a “severe loss to the turf” and Lewis himself as a “most excellent . . . and good jockey.”6

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