Group of children seated in front of horse skeleton
Museum volunteer Trish shares the story of the famous horse Lexington, trained by Harry Lewis.

For Educators

Ten teacher representatives from Kentucky have created learning modules for you to use in the classroom. Our intention is to provide educators with an alternative way to include diverse points of view in social studies and other subject areas. We hope that students of all ages are able to relate to the people and stories found here.

You can find each module by grade level under the Elementary, Middle, and High school headings. Lessons range from focusing on one person's story to using maps and creating project-based activities with your students. Each lesson can be used in a public, private, or homeschool setting, and can be adapted to any state's learning standards.

These modules are intended for educational purposes and use only. 

Bring The Chronicle Into Your Classroom

Have you used the Chronicle website as a teaching tool? Please send us feedback and let us know how it has been helpful or what you would like to see.