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Person Profile

Raleigh Colston, Sr.

Midway, Lexington, Kentucky

Emily Libecap, Graduate Student Intern

Childhood and Family

Raleigh Colston, Sr. was born to Henrietta and Thomas Colston. The Harper family enslaved the Colstons on Nantura Stud Farm in Woodford County, Kentucky.1  Colston had two brothers: Harry, a horse trainer and Joseph, a jockey.

Raleigh Colston married Elizabeth “Betty” Branch. They had four children: John Thomas, Raleigh Jr., America, and Malachi.2  Presumably after Betty’s death, Raleigh married Susan Stewart in 1893.3

Establishing His Training Career

Colston became a trainer at Woodburn Farm, in Woodford County. The farm’s owner, Robert A. Alexander, died in 1867, and care of the horses passed to Daniel Swigert. Colston continued working at the farm until Swigert moved to Lexington, Kentucky.4  

In 1871, Colston, along with his wife and children, moved to Lexington. He continued to work as a horse trainer for Daniel Swigert at his Elmendorf Farm. James F. Robinson, another horse owner based in Lexington also employed him. In the late 1880s, Colston worked with the Chinn and Morgan Stable of Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.5

Career Highlights

Colston trained many successful horses, including:

  • Kingfisher, who won the 1870 Belmont Stakes with African American jockey Edward Dudley Brown up
  • Searcher, who ran in the 1875 Kentucky Derby with Colston’s son, Raleigh Colston, Jr. up
  • Bob Wooley, who also ran in the 1875 Kentucky Derby, with African American jockey William Walker up6
  • Leonatus, who won the 1883 Kentucky, Illinois, and Latonia Derbies as well as the Dearborn, Hindoo, Green, and Tobacco Stakes7

Colston’s skill as a trainer is evident in these high-profile wins.

Thoroughbred Horse Owner

Colston opened his own stable in 1877 at the Kentucky Association Track in Lexington, Kentucky. He owned at least seven horses. His racing colors were blue with red diamonds.8  His son, Raleigh Colston, Jr. rode for him during the 1878-1879 seasons.9

Death and Legacy

Researchers are seeking information on the date of Raleigh Colston, Sr.’s death. The city directory lists him until 1898.

His two sons, John Thomas and Raleigh Jr. became trainers and owners of horses, one of which they named Colston. The horse ran in the 1911 Kentucky Derby and finished third.

Additional Research Provided By

Yvonne Giles, Research Consultant


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