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William Beauford Hall

Clay City, Powell County, Kentucky
Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky
North Middletown, Bourbon County, Kentucky
Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

Yvonne Giles, Research Consultant

Birth and Family

William Beauford Hall was born in 1902 in Clay City, Kentucky. He was the third child of Clarkson and Bennie Skinner Hall. The family lived on a farm in Clark County, Kentucky located on Winchester Road and Mount Sterling Pike.1

Hall married Estella Cunningham in 1936. They had no children.

Finding His Place

Hall’s mother died when he was seven years old. The responsibility for caring for younger siblings,  working to support them and the harsh treatment by his father was more than he could bear. He ran away from home at the age of ten to live with his cousin, Lillie and her husband, George Butler. On two occasions Hall’s father removed him from the Butler’s home. George Butler intervened and let Hall’s father know that his son did not wish to remain in the household and that he would be taken care of by the Butlers. When Hall ran away a third time, his father did not force him to return to his house.

Butler's home was in North Middletown, Bourbon County, Kentucky. The community was known for its Saddlebred horse breeding and training. Here, Hall would find his place in life.

Hall, as a teen, worked on the Xalapa Farm with cousins Hansford and Robert Raymond Butler. Their work with horses took them to Florida, New York, Michigan, and California.  In 1920, Hall worked in New York for a short time before he returned to Kentucky.2

Saddlebred Trainer

In 1940, Hall was a horse trainer. His World War II draft card listed his employment with Robert G. Jones Farm in North Middletown. The farm was noted for breeding champion Saddlebreds.3

Hall is shown with Volcanic following the win of The Meadowland Handicap at New Jersey. The photograph was dated 1949. The Saddlebred was owned by H. Wells of the Walmac Farm, Lexington, Kentucky.

At the age of seventy-three, Hall was still working with Saddlebreds. Another photograph shows him mounted on Bourbon Fortune at the North Middletown Charity Show in 1975.4

Death, Honor and Legacy

William Beauford Hall died in 1991.5  His wife Estella died in 1984.

Hall’s family saved photos of him as a groom, trainer and owner of Saddlebreds. They granted permission for their use in an exhibit. One of the photos appeared in the video produced.  “Out of the Shadows: Bringing to Light Black Horsemen in Saddlebred History” premiered in 2007.6

Hall has been recognized as a contributor to Saddlebred history. His life’s work shows that there is opportunity in this equine sport.


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